Oompa Loompas are expensive (and eat a lot)

Owning your own business can be incredibly rewarding.

Or… it can be an exercise in frustration, disappointment, and futility

And right now, there are way, WAY too many entrepreneurs who are in the second category. 

A big reason why is because of a simple math problem

Let’s say you want to earn $500,000 a year. That’s about $41,666 per month. 

Now, there are infinite ways you could get to that $41k/month. But let’s just look at three

Door A. You could sell a home study course for $797. That means you need 52 customers. (And with today’s average conversion rates, you’ll need about 1,000 people to actually show up to your webinar.) 

Or, Door B, you could sell private coaching for $2,000 per month, and you’ll need to close just over 20 clients.

OR, Door C… you could do what one of my clients recently did – and close ONE client for $45,000

Done. Just. Like. That. 

Call me crazy. 

But if I were in a place where I wanted (and needed) to get REAL, actual DOLLARS coming in the door… And I didn’t want to invest in building the “Willy Wonka Mobile” of 24/7 online marketing — a machine that takes an armyof Oompa Loompas just to keep it running at a whopping 2 miles per hour…

Then, Door C, would be looking pretty damn good to me.

(And listen, Oompa Loompas eat A LOT of chocolate… And that can get really expensive really fast.)

Bottom line: It’s a simple math problem.

Join me. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014
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