Stop Being So Boring! The Simple Client Prospecting Mistake You're Making & How to Fix It

By Angelique Rewers


There's an interesting thing that happens when many small business owners expand their target market beyond other small business owners to also focus on selling their expertise to higher-paying companies: They suddenly lose all personality.

Actually, it's worse than that. They become a painful bore.

Or at least that's what you would believe if you read their marketing materials -- especially their emails and voicemails introducing themselves to potential clients.

Back when I was a corporate decision maker, I could have lined up the dozen or so incoming prospecting emails that I personally received each day and, if I took the name of the person off the signature line, you would be hard pressed to distinguish one expert from the next.

But why is that? Why do so many experts seem determined to blend into the background?

There are two primary reasons...

Reason #1: Fear. Yeppers. Our good friend, Fear, has a leading role in this play. Because many solopreneurs fear saying the wrong thing — let alone elicit an unkind response from a prospect — they work and rework their emails and other marketing materials so many times that, by the time they are finished, the only words remaining are so watered down and sanitized that an android could be mistaken for the author. 

Hiding beneath the surface-level fear are two much deeper issues. First, the need to be liked by others. And second, a greater belief in lack versus a belief in abundance — meaning that they are so afraid of missing out on a potential sale because there is a finite number of opportunities available and thus, if one opportunity leaves the station they’ve actually experienced a “loss.”

This is where mindset work becomes so crucial to your business. When you move beyond both worrying about what others may or may not think about you, as well as being attached to the outcome of whether or not a company or individual buys from you, you’ll be able to step fully into just being YOU with ease and grace. When that happens, your beautiful personality — the very personality that your existing clients LOVE about you — will shine through. You’ll stand out. And you’ll close more new clients more quickly. 

Reason #2: Not understanding that your audience is other humans. Here’s the thing. Over the years, I've marketed to virtually every level of the totem pole inside of companies, from executive assistants all the way up to CEOs, across dozens of different industries. I've marketed to consumers. I've marketed to entrepreneurs. I've marketed to people in places like Algiers, Dubai and Cairo. I've marketed to men and women, young and old. Engineers and artists.  Financial consultants and wellness experts. And just about everything in between.

And here's what I can tell you with certainty: I have yet to meet a group of humans who WANT to be bored out of their minds! Nor have I met anyone who actually wants to—cravesreading something that’s a snore. Period. 

Think about this. The CEO of that company you would LOVE to have as a client — well, she probably was watching the Super Bowl on Sunday just like you were. And that head of human resources — he was probably at his daughter’s basketball game this weekend. Or maybe he was building something in his garage. Or perhaps he finally had a chance to catch Anchor Man 2 with his wife. 

People are people are people. And when you let your personality shine through when you reach out to people, you’ll connect with them on the human level. When that happens, you’re able to have more REAL, open, honest conversations with potential clients about what they really need right now.