Discover the Unique Keys to Your Business Transformation at INSIDE EDGE (plus a BONUS for attendees!)

Last time, we shared with you a sneak-peek on the brilliance that is Ron Wilder and the wisdom you can look forward to when he takes the stage at INSIDE EDGE. Did you miss it? Click here for all the juicy details.


Can we just stop right now and take a moment to figure out, once and for all, where time goes? Because, seriously? All of a sudden, we’re into the third week of June, which means, as of this writing, INSIDE EDGE is a mere ONE WEEK away.


Yup. We’re just one week from sharing with small business owners just like you the most groundbreaking strategies available for growing your business like gangbusters by tapping into the multi-trillion-dollar corporate client marketplace.

Holy cannoli, Batman!

Before we — ahem — get ahead of ourselves (but when you’re on the verge of something this exciting, how can you not?!), we thought it would be a great idea to introduce you to the 12 INSIDE EDGE breakout session speakers who will be joining us in Scottsdale this month.


Meet Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn (@ChetanParkyn)


INSIDE EDGE is proud to include breakout session speakers Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn, the dynamic duo co-CEOs at the forefront of The Success Transformation.  

Business transformation experts who mentor small business owners looking to transform their performance, achieve the success they long for, and move their lives from friction to flow, Carola and Chetan bring decades of dedication, wisdom, and depth of insight to their business mentoring and life-transformation coaching sessions.

Integral to their work is the team’s transformational Human Design system, a highly impactful readings system that reveals your life and being in remarkable detail and serves as an essential tool for self-awareness, personal mastery, and business success.


Carola and Chetan’s INSIDE EDGE Breakout Session Presentation:

“Discover Your Unique Blueprint for Career and Business Success:

What You Can Expect

Within each of us there exists a perfect pattern, or “blueprint” that determines not only who we are, but also how we succeed in life. Much in the same way that our genetics determine our physical characteristics, our “Human Design” provides a detailed map to our surest and most direct path to success.

All too often, however, when we move through life unaware of this unique blueprint, we find ourselves moving outside of the flow, experiencing friction in our professional and personal lives, and otherwise falling far short of what we know we can accomplish.


In this breakout session, Carola and Chetan will take you on a path to discovery where you’ll learn:

  • All about your unique set of Keys to Success — what they are, and how they work to unlock success in every aspect of life;
  • How to use these Keys to set a new course for your business triumphs by streamlining sales and delivery processes to generate massive profits; and
  • How to achieve the inner freedom you desire to live a purposeful, self-directed life while creating and growing a highly rewarding business.



All INSIDE EDGE attendees are invited to pick up a complimentary copy of their Human Design Life Map, which will be available at The Success Transformation exhibitor table. Staff will also be on hand to print your Human Design chart as you enter the training room, so be sure to arrive five to 10 minutes early to receive your copy.


Gain the INSIDE EDGE on Discovering Your Unique Keys Success

The keys to your own success transformation are yours for the taking, but you have to attend INSIDE EDGE 2014 to learn first-hand from Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn how to access them.

Don’t have a ticket just yet? No problem, it’s not too late. Grab your ticket today, and be sure to join us in Scottsdale, Arizona June 26 through 28.

If you’re already attending, be sure to check back here for additional updates — and feel free to help us spread the word! Just use hashtag: #insideedge