Just think… what could YOU accomplish if you were personally mentored by Angelique?

From precious gems of “insider” knowledge to exclusive sales and marketing advice, from structured group trainings and events to personal one-on-one coaching, Angelique’s consulting services and mentoring programs are about thinking big… Big Business, that is!


When it comes to propelling your business to new heights, there’s perhaps no greater opportunity than learning to tap into the billion-dollar market of global corporations. Each year, large organizations spend literally billions of dollars buying services and products from other companies.

Why not yours?

When you work with Angelique, you’ll benefit from her first-hand experience and personal marketing playbook that she’s used to land contracts with some of the biggest names in global business today.

Whether you work with Angelique through one-on-one mentoring, or you participate in group trainings, masterminds or events, you’ll instantly gain insight and support as well as motivation and inspiration to move your business forward… bigger than ever before.

Most importantly, her services are uniquely designed to give your business a serious advantage. By working with Angelique, you can learn how to:

  • Discover if your services are a good match for the corporate market
  • Determine which types of companies would be the best match for your services
  • Align your services with the hottest trends in Corporate America today
  • Identify the best “get your foot in the door” strategies for your business
  • Navigate the often tricky corporate buying process with ease
  • Elevate your branding and copywriting to appeal to Big Business
  • Keep corporate clients happy so they buy from you again and again
  • And much, much more

Life is too short to waste time figuring everything out the hard way. If you’re ready to stop chasing clients and land corporate contracts, we invite you to get started today!

To learn more about Angelique's group programs or private mentoring, email us at concierge@thecorporateagent.com or call us at 888.499.1249.