“In one phone call, Angelique gave me a lead generation strategy that led to a $40,000 contract in just the first week, followed by an additional $25,000 from that same client months later.  Now I use that same strategy to bring ideal prospective clients to me at 100x the rate I was achieving before.”

Robin Colucci
Book Writing Expert

“One session with Angelique produced a clear business development strategy that resulted in closed deals and pending opportunities worth WELL over $500,000 per year. And that’s in just the first three months following our call! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store, especially after our amazing Strategy Day.”

Chris Gerhart
CEO, Crescent Event Productions, Inc.

“Following Angelique’s guidance and strategic advice I reached out to two centers of influence, which resulted in a revenue up-tick of $45,000 so far this year, plus a pipeline of success fees of another $50,000. Even better is that this is just the initial impact of these two simple calls, so there will be even more growth in the coming months. I will move heaven and earth to attend and participate in ANYTHING that Angelique does because she over delivers. Every. Single. Time.”

Jennifer Peek
CEO, Peek Valuations

“Talk about fast results! Shortly after my private strategy day with Angelique & Phil, I landed my first corporate contract with a major company for $72,000. In addition, I also landed a column on Huffington Post. I’m so excited about the possibilities opening up for me.”

Sarah Kaler
Founder, SoulPowered

“While working with Angelique & Phil, I increased my revenue by more than 400% and I’ve never felt better about where I’m headed as a business owner. The bottom line is that the strategies they provide work.”

Dan Kimble
CEO, Resonance Executive Coaching

“Thanks to Angelique and Phil’s expert guidance, I’ve just closed out my highest revenue quarter ever during my 15 years in business!

Michael Linardi
CEO, Halcyon Coaching

“I’ve run a multi-6-figure business for 8 years now, but I wanted the confidence to land 5- and 6-figure contracts. Working with Angelique and Phil helped me do just that! They guided me through a very tricky negotiation process to land a $50,000 contract, that will likely end at $60,000, and I’m already in their budget for next year!  They also helped me hire a team of coaches so I no longer have to do 100% of the service delivery.”

Connie Thanasoulis
Cofounder, SixFigureStart

“Within the first month of working with Angelique and Phil, I engaged with an ideal prospective client, they committed to a $5,000 Strategy Day that further resulted in a $116,500 deal for a year-long program. Along with this, I also met with an existing client where I proposed an increase in service level for 2015 that resulted in a $150,000 contract.”

Kat O’Sullivan
CEO, Think-Up Inc.

“The most significant changes we’ve made as a result of working with Angelique and Phil are… everything! Seriously, we’ve switched our target client base, we’ve sharpened our ‘Tip of the Spear™,’ and we’ve designed new, more powerful offers.

As a result, we just delivered a two-day business transformation VIP experience for our clients, and we’re working with a client on a project involving his hundred-million-dollar company with a billion-dollar company.”

David C. Williams
CEO, The W Coaching Group, Inc.