VIP Strategic Accelerator

Our VIP Strategic Accelerator program is designed for business owners who are looking for strategic guidance in a specific area of their business. Many of our clients have chosen to work with us in this format in order to develop a laser-targeted plan of action to: 

  • Increase their revenue and profit quickly
  • Design a client acquisition strategy
  • Build or expand their team
  • Develop or expand their sales force
  • Move to a value-based pricing model
  • Design a targeted corporate account strategy
  • Cultivate their thought leadership platform
  • Expand into new markets or geographies
  • Reposition themselves in the industry
  • Create and launch new programs, products or services
  • Launch brand new companies 
  • Plan, execute and monetize a live event
  • Make a strategic shift in their business
  • Address another urgent area of concern

Components of this two-month program include:

  • A in-depth discovery process during which we learn about you and your business, your goals and your challenges
  • Your Entrepreneurial DNA™ assessment and training webinar
  • An in-person strategy day with catered lunch
  • Car service to and from the airport 
  • Scheduled private strategy calls
  • Access to related support training and background materials 
  • Email access for questions and feedback

We are only able to support a limited number of VIP Strategic Accelerator clients per year. The investment for this program is $25,000. If you are interested in speaking with us about this program, we encourage you to complete this short contact form and a member of our team will reach out to schedule a conversation. 

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